Introducing: Nine Amazing New Fragrances

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After months of careful research and testing, we are finally emerging from our test lab and bringing with us NINE BRAND NEW FRAGRANCES to be added to our core collection.
These fabulous additions will be available year-round in Classic (9oz) and Large (16oz) candles, as well as our wax melts. These fabulous new fragrances are complemented by rich new colors which are sure to stand out in any room.


These three one-of-a-kind fragrances were developed exclusively for WFBK.
You won't find them anywhere else!

Honeycrisp & Tuberose - Notes of fragrant tuberose, bartlett pear, and sweet Honeycrisp apple combine with a sensual base of sandalwood and vanilla to complete this sophisticated fragrance.


Potted Perennials - Enjoy the scent of a freshly planted flower garden without getting your hands dirty! Earthy top notes of garden dirt mix with that of rich perennials like hyacinth, rose, and gardenia to a form luscious combination.

Sweet Orange & Garden Mint - This deliciously sweet fragrance is a unique blend of sweet orange and herbaceous mint leaves. Notes tempting sweet orange entwine subtle clove and peppercorn. Freshly picked garden mint makes this fragrance truly invigorating.



Black Magic Bohemian - Top notes of orange interweaving with smoky patchouli, rose, and spicy clove. Dark notes of amber add balance to this bewitching scent.


Smoky Oud & Musk - This sensual and provocative fragrance is perfect for setting the mood. Top notes of soft powder and amaretto combine with notes of tonka bean and balsam. Heady base notes of smoked oud, dark mask, and spiced rum add complexity to this luxurious scent.

Moonlit Shores - This truly elegant fragrance combines top notes of crisp ozone and sea salt with earthy driftwood and tonka bean. A relaxing an aromatic fragrance for any time and any place.


Boardwalk Memories - Fresh and breezy fragrance combining sea salt with clean cotton blossom and hints of jasmine. Smooth white musk and ozone add an airy base to this summery scent.




Pumpkin Spice Cake - Love Fall all year round with this quintessential autumn fragrance. Top notes of orange peel and warm pumpkin spice blend with baked sugared pumpkin and cloves. Sweet vanilla and toasted graham crackers round out this deliciously tempting fragrance.

Winter Cabin Hideaway - Though all of us have been hiding away lately, this fragrance with it's zesty notes of orange peel, warm cinnamon, and sugared cranberries will help keep home feeling homey. Base notes of evergreen and balsam combine with bayberries to create a wintry favorite!



These brand new scents are available as wax melts starting at just $6.00 with candles starting at $16.00. Which fragrance is your favorite?

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