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Shipping Update: A Cheaper Shipping Option and Better Packaging

You know us because we're obsessed with making hand-poured soy candles and wax melts that make your room smell awesome. But that isn't the only thing we're thinking about! Many of our you have told us that you'd love to see a cheaper shipping option. We agree!

You can now choose UPS Ground shipping

Shipping from our headquarters in North Canton, Ohio to Fort Lauderdale Florida, using this option is about 30% cheaper; from North Canton to Scottsdale, Arizona is over 35% cheaper; and From North Canton to Las Vegas is over 40% cheaper. UPS Ground may take a slightly more time to arrive. Plan accordingly!

If you're shipping your order within Ohio, USPS may still be the cheaper option for you.

We're excited to be offering this new option for you.

We're better protecting your purchase

As we've grown and received orders from folks all across the U.S., a couple of you told us that your candles were damaged in transit. Yikes. Sure, glass is fragile, but we knew we could do better. We set to work immediately, working to improve our shipping practices.

We've started individually wrapping each candle so that they are better protected in the package. We've also optimized shipping box sizes, choosing boxes that are close to the dimensions required to package common order variations. These new box sizes allow for room for a bit of jostling and movement of the candles inside, reducing the amount of shock absorbed by them if the package is thrown around.

While we can't control how the package is handled in transit, we've worked hard to ensure your merchandise is secured and well-protected.

Take advantage of these new shipping rates